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Heat Pump Calculator

Heat pump vs natural gas: life cycle calculation with many options

Heat pumps can supply any house - but at which cost? A life cycle assessment.


Living space:
Level of insulationby standard of year
Temp indoor°C
Heat per m2kWhtherm/m2
Heat energykWhtherm/yrr
Heat pump efficiency for heatingCOP (kWhtherm/kWhel)

Hot water

Heat energy for hot waterkWhtherm/yr
Carbon price prediction
Average price for natural gas (-) incl. carbon price: c/kWhtherm

Natural Gas

Heat energy total (water + heating)kWhtherm/yr
Natural gas efficiency%
Gas tariff without carbon pricec/kWhtherm
Av. carbon price$
Consumption life cycle cost$
Base charge$/yr
Running costs life cycle$
Hardware purchase and installation$

Heat Pump

Electric energy for heatingkWh
heat pump efficiency for hot waterCOP (kWhtherm/kWhel)
Electric energy for hot waterkWh
Electric energy totalkWh/yr
Electricity tariffc/kWh
Electricity costs life cycle$
Basic charge additional electric meter$/yr
Running costs life cycle$
Hardware purchase and installation$
Funding rate%
Own investment (excl funding)

Heat pumps will always get your home warm. But at which cost?

The efficiency (COP) of a heat pumps depends on the level of renovation of a house. If thermal insulation is in a good condition, you can divide the electricity tariff by 4. If you pay 16c/kWh electricity, you will get one kWh of heat for 4c/kWh. In some countries there are even discounted electricity tariffs for heat pumps if you invest in a separate electric meter. With a growing share of renewable energy, electricity tariffs tend to decrease, while natural gas is becoming more expensive due to carbon pricing. Predictions are difficult and also depend on national politics. The default scenario here reflects the current situation in Germany.

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